GLOO is the first high perfomance adhesives company that simplify the way to bond. We pretend to create a smooth track between the bonding industry and the end-user like top-rated chefs have to explain through senses what is on the plate ready to be delighted. 

At GLOO we are pleased to endear the complex world of adhesives design to everybody and our mission is to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Our experience in the marine industry let us been able to design, develop and succeed with a novel base of adhesives capables to supply a selected part of the mankind (single-handed around the world sailors are just a fifth of the astronauts all-time).

GLOOERS are able to land the rocket science, take care of how to serve it ensuring an optimal user experience. This is the only way to bet for  generating knowledge and comunicate it in the easiest possible speech.

We love to close the gap between adhesives technologies and the unskilled user, giving optimal solutions to real problems or crazy ideas.

GLOO is a spin-off of the Materials Research Group-GEMAT of the IQS School of Engineering and we keep this strength as our lab is based there.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, one of the major innovative cities and full of nearby services, partners and suppliers for young technological-based companies.

Our epoxy product line is granted over patented technology that add value to those who are looking for novel developments in the structural adhesives fields.

Our continous development system set us on the front-running scene of the adhesives industry, sometimes developing ideas that are overexpected for nowadays industry.

Carrer de Calatrava 68, Baixos 3
08017, Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 93 269 33 48 48

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